Washington Gives Registration

Registration for Washington Gives is now open! Get onboard immediately so you can begin taking advantage of the platform's fundraising campabilities.

Have a question about eligibility, registration, or managing your account? Read below and contact the Washington Gives Support Team through Mightycause if you still have questions.


We invite IRS-approved tax-exempt organizations with a headquarters or service location in Washington to participate in year-round giving on Washington Gives and our two giving events, GiveBIG and GivingTuesday. Learn more about eligibility.


While sponsors, including 501 Commons, donate some support to Washington Gives, donation processing fees and annual nonprofit fees are essential to cover campaign and platform costs.

Donation Processing Fee: The credit card and bank fees (ACH) processing fee on donations is 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction (3.6% plus $0.30 for American Express). In addition, there is a platform fee of 3.25% for our technology partner Mightycause and 501 Commons as the program sponsor.  88% of donors choose to cover these fees so, on average, nonprofits pay less than 1% in fees on any donation.

One-Time Registration Fee: The registration fee is a sliding scale fee you pay when you register for the year. We base your fee on your contributed revenue budget (CRB). Your CRB is what you expect to raise for your current fiscal year, minus earned income, capital campaign funds, in-kind donations, and interest/investment earnings. Contributed revenue includes what you expect to raise from individual donations, corporate or foundation grants/sponsorships, events, and government grants/contracts. (Everything under "contributed" on your financials.)

$1 – $500,000


$500,001 – $1M


$1,000,001 – $4M


$4,500,001 – $16M




Washington Gives Terms of Service

Please read through the terms of service carefully, print them out, and share them with your executive director/CEO and finance office. 

Washington Gives Terms of Service (Updated February 20, 2024)

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