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Build a global community of citizen scientists who gather and share climate data that support innovative climate solutions.


Citizens all around the world are concerned about the impacts of climate change, but currently have few outlets to directly participate in climate solutions that don’t require them to substantially alter their lives. 2°C provides outdoor enthusiasts regardless of location or background the opportunity to deepen their experiences through impact. Participants can achieve positive climate action, while reducing climate anxiety through meaningful engagement. Physical ability and economic status are largely irrelevant – all can participate equally in collecting climate data.  The simple act of visiting the places about which they’re passionate can help protect those places. All individuals need to do is push a button to collect – and protect.

2°C is a nonprofit citizen science organization with a mission of transforming anyone who enjoys the outdoors into environmental heroes. When our heroes carry one of our research-grade climate or ocean sensors, they become mobile data platforms, gathering essential environmental data wherever they go. Shared with scientists worldwide, these data are necessary to understanding and solving climate change and its impacts.

Through this vision, we will achieve democratization of data collection, access and use, which will reach underserved communities and populations, as well as give small and medium enterprises access to hyper local data to analyze their climate risks and innovation potential. With open access to citizen science data about climate, we will share our information with individuals, innovators, and communities alike via an accessible platform to catalyze climate services.

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Indigenous & Native American, Asian & Pacific Islander, Black & African American, Hispanic & Latinx, Individuals with Disabilities, Low-Income, Seniors, Veterans, Youth & Children


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