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Build a global community of citizen scientists who gather and share climate data that support innovative climate solutions.


Most people think that we know all there is to know about climate, but the truth is that we know very little about how climate change is affecting areas at a local level, and this is especially true of wild areas and the species that live there. There simply is not enough climate data being generated at a local level. This puts important plant and animal species at risk and slows our ability to design and implement effective climate strategies to help conserve and protect our natural areas from the climate crisis.

The 2°C mission is to build a global community of citizen scientists by implementing a low-cost network of mobile climate observing platforms that can fit in your hand, so that you can help these areas by collecting climate data just by visiting the places you already go to, and collecting temperature and relative humidity you experience while you are there. These critical data will allow for a significantly clearer picture to unfold of the area where the data are collected, allowing scientists and land managers to make effective decisions, strengthening research and conservation.

2°C is a non-profit citizen science company building a global community of individuals who are committed to gathering data from remote places and sharing them with scientists worldwide, in an effort to reduce climate uncertainty and identify practical and scientifically sound solutions.  As more and more climate observations are made, scientists are able to integrate those data into climate models and paint a more reliable picture of the climate in that place.

There is indeed strength and numbers so please support this initiative and help us generate millions of new climate observations that will improve our ability to act on climate change and build a better tomorrow, starting today.

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