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Washington Council of the Blind
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Help us promote opportunity, equality & independence of blind & visually impaired Washingtonians.


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Since 1935, the grass roots consumer organization you know as Washington Council of the Blind has made a significant difference in the lives of countless blind and visually impaired citizens of the state of Washington through advocacy, leadership, support, and education.  

As a member-driven nonprofit with no paid staff, WCB relies on members and friends to reach out in communities across the state to share experiences, knowledge, and encouragement to anyone directly impacted by vision loss or those with loved ones who are dealing with vision loss.

Snohomish County Council of the Blind is proud to support Washington Council of the Blind and we invite you to join us.  

Can’t See?  You’re Not Alone, Lost, or in the Dark!

No one wants to have poor eyesight, low vision, or blindness. The good news for these folks in Snohomish County is that they can find support from others who can relate to what they are going through. 

SCCB is a wonderful, active group of caring individuals who help people cope with the challenges of low vision and blindness, whether they are members or not. 

Join us twice a month on Zoom or in-person to learn helpful suggestions for navigating vision challenges.  Guest speakers give presentations on topics of importance to the blind/low vision community.  It’s especially important to connect with others and realize you are not alone.  Building new friendships is often a happy development.

SCCB members actively search for projects worthy of support, from donating headsets to a small Edmonds school for blind children to reaching blind Veterans, to sharing Christmas spirit with a family who has a blind child.

Your donation to WCB will support the programs and services we need in this state and in our Snohomish County community.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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Washington Council of the Blind

Organized By Marilee Richards

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