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For over 15 years, Cascade Forest Conservancy has been working to protect the Green River Valley and Mount St. Helens from the threat of mining. This area is beloved by many for its scenic views, its remote and peaceful location, and its boundless outdoor recreation opportunities. It is also an incredibly unique landscape, in part due to the fact that it is home to impressive old growth trees which are some of the last remaining in the area after the 1980 blast. These old forests provide key habitat to a wide range of wildlife including large herds of deer and elk. The Green River itself also provides drinking water for downstream communities and is a gene bank for wild steelhead. For these reasons and many others, it is clear to us that this is no place for a mine.

Last year, Cascade Forest Conservancy launched the Green River Valley Alliance - a coalition of individuals, businesses, organizations, and policymakers with the shared common goal of protecting the Green River Valley and Mount St. Helens from the threat of mining, once and for all. We are bringing together groups of people from a wide variety of backgrounds to advocate for a legislative mineral withdrawal - a federal land management tool, secured through an Act of Congress, that would prohibit mining within a given area. Give today to help support Cascade Forest Conservancy and the Green River Valley Alliance as they campaign to secure permanent protections for this irreplaceable landscape and make sure to sign our petition!

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