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Western Wildlife Outreach
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Everywhere is Bear Country is an education campaign teaching humans how to live with black bears.


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What's On the Menu in Your Yard? 

Black bear complaints are an ongoing issue across Washington state. With around 20,000 black bears making their home here conflicts are bound to happen. 

Humans can take simple steps to reduce negative encounters with bears. 

Some of the top reasons that bears turn up in people's yards are:  garbage cans, bird feeders, pet food, compost piles and fruit trees.

Bear With Me Washington programs support coexisting with black bears and will help Washington prepare for and welcome grizzly bears into the North Cascades. Communities learn to reduce conflicts by identifying and eliminating bear-attractants around homes, farms, and campsites.   

Saving bears - one human at a time.

Donations of $25 to $99 receive a FREE T-shirt.

Pick Your Size: Please make sure to select your size on the donation form at checkout. There is also a ‘No T-shirt’ option so all your donation dollars go into Bear With Me education programs. 

Mama Bear Feeds Her Cub Salmon 
Photographer: Lorna Smith 

Donations of $100 to $249 receive a FREE Photo Print (unframed)

''Brown Bear feeding her Cubs'' Copyright 2004 Tom Speer All Rights Reserved 

Donations of $250.00 or more receive an open edition 16x20 Natural Rag Giclee Print (unframed)

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