31 Days of Generosity

It's the giving season! Starting on GivingTuesday and going all the way to the end of the year, we will celebrate all the ways we can show gratitude, be generous, and demonstrate kindness.  

Each day, we will highlight a special cause or suggest an action that will spread some good cheer and love in the world around you.  

November 30: #31DaysofGenerosity begins

From now until New Year’s Eve, we will highlight special causes that deserve recognition and your support.

December 1: Healthcare workers

We encourage you to express gratitude toward a healthcare provider or worker.

December 2: Housing & shelter

Donate to organizations combating the lack of affordable housing for thousands of unhoused people and families in our region.

December 3: Counter & wait staff

Give the counter or wait staff who work diligently to provide excellent customer service an extra tip!

December 4: Giving Cards

This holiday season, give the gift of generosity! Purchase a Giving Card in any amount and the recipient gets to support the causes they care about. Whether you want to give this as a holiday present or birthday gift, this is your opportunity to provide your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, customers, mentors, teachers, or colleagues with the chance to make a difference in their community.

December 5: Military servicemembers

Do you know a military veteran or active servicemember? Send them a quick message expressing how deeply grateful you are for their and their families' sacrifices to serve our country.

December 6: Artist or performer

Donate to and thank an organization, artist, or performer who has inspired you this year.

December 7: Animal rescue

It’s cold out there and they are saving animals every day. Donate to an animal rescue organization in your community that is saving our fur, scaled, and feathered friends.

December 8: Inspire a child or teen to give

Inspire a child or teen to become a lifelong giver by purchasing them a Washington Gives Giving Card!

December 9: Environment

Send a message of gratitude to a person or organization that is working to preserve our environment: Thank you so much for what you are doing for our world.

December 10: Hope for peace and love

People who are Jewish or Muslim, or immigrants from Israel or Palestine, experience or worry about hateful speech or actions. Reach out to them to express love and your hope that peace comes in the new year.

December 11: Leave an uplifting message on your sidewalk with chalk

December 12: Thank a teacher who made a difference in your or your children's lives

December 13: Need a gift idea?

What do you give to the person who already has everything they need? A Washington Gives Giving Card allows them to donate to any of the 1,400 nonprofits available at WAGives.org.

December 14: Want to give but not sure where to make a donation? Visit WAGives.org!

December 15: Hunger & food insecurity

Do your part to alleviate hunger and food insecurity. Buy food and other approved items to deliver to a local food bank.

December 16: Help or show gratitude to a neighbor

December 17: Show and express kindness to a person living with a disability

December 18: Thank a mail carrier

Leave a thank you card for your mail carrier: "We know your job isn’t easy, but it is very much appreciated."

December 19: Reach out to a recent immigrant you know: "Your presence in the U.S. makes our country better."

December 20: Mom isn’t wearing fancy perfume in her home office. Give her a Washington Gives Giving Card!

December 21: Donate to an LGBTQ+ community-based organization in honor of an LGBTQ+ person you know and admire

December 22: Pay for the person behind you in line at a coffee shop or drive-thru

December 23: Need a last-minute Christmas gift?

Give a loved one or neighbor a #WAGives Giving Card!

December 24: Offer to pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor or person with a disability

December 25: Share something you made or baked with a neighbor who lives alone

December 26: Call a relative or friend you have not talked to recently

December 27: Leave a thank you message on the trash, compost, and recycling bins for your collectors

December 28: Feed the birds some unsalted sunflower seeds or peanuts today!

December 29: Give a treat to an animal who has brought you joy this year

December 30: Donate in honor of someone you know who works at a nonprofit organization

Include a message like, "I am thankful for your commitment to caring for our community!"

December 31: This is the day when the most donations are given all year. Join in by visiting WAGives.org


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