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Woodland Park Zoo saves wildlife and inspires everyone to make conservation a priority in their lives. 

Forests for All: Where Hope Takes Root

Please consider a gift to the Forests for All fund today and join Woodland Park Zoo in providing extraordinary care for animals, protecting forests through community-based conservation programs and saving wildlife in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

With your help, we’re building tomorrow’s Woodland Park Zoo, where every visitor will connect with animals and people in our urban forest—and find their place in our deeply intertwined world. We'd like to extend a special thank you to Rob Short and Emer Dooley for their inspiring seed gift of $50,000 to kickstart our Spring Forests for All fund campaign!

Working Together: For Animals, For People, Forever

Deforestation and habitat loss are urgent threats to people and wildlife alike. Ecosystems are profoundly affected by human and natural events. And extreme weather and warming trends threaten species, habitats and communities. 

But it’s not too late to halt and reverse these trends. Your zoo works with communities in the Northwest and around the world on solutions that last and combines world-class animal care with community education to build a better future by igniting a passion for wildlife and wild spaces in 1.2 million guests every year. 

Together, we can make choices that inspire others and add up to big results. In Papua New Guinea, Woodland Park Zoo collaborates with indigenous landowners to protect the endangered Matschie's tree kangaroo and its cloud forest habitat through locally led efforts to save wildlife and their habitats. 

Through the Forests for All campaign, we’re activating a conservation revolution. And it starts with each of us—because every person has the power to create meaningful change.  

Join us today to save forests and the countless lives they sustain!  

Squint the kea showing off his beautiful plumage. Squint the kea, 59 years old, receives regular laser therapy for his stiff joints. Your support helps makes this kind of specialty animal care possible!

Campaign Spotlight: Forest Trailhead

Opening in 2026, the new Forest Trailhead experience will build on Woodland Park Zoo’s global conservation work, motivate guests to act to conserve forest habitats, and feature vulnerable and endangered animals representing forests of the world.  

Much-adored red pandas, colorful kea parrots like Squint, the oldest animal at the zoo, iconic Matschie's tree kangaroos, and fascinating reptiles and invertebrates will also make their home in the new Forest Trailhead, delighting and educating our 1.2 million annual guests. 

Get a first look at new exhibit plans here!

An artist rendering of the new Forest Trailhead exhibit.An artist rendering of the new Forest Trailhead exhibit.

Plant Your Name

Help protect forests and have your generosity recognized in our new Forest Trailhead exhibit with your gift of $2,500 or more to the Forests for All fund. Honor a loved one or reflect your love of nature for generations to come with a beautiful leaf in the new exhibit. 

An artist rendering of the green, printed leaves with the names of donors who gave $2,500 or more to the Forest for All fund. Image Caption

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