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The Healing Center's mission is to support people experiencing grief by offering quality group support in a safe, affirming environment. We believe that everyone should have a healthy grieving process that provides the opportunity to adjust to a world without a loved one, and to continue living. We provide peer support groups for grieving adults and children in which clients learn to address their grief by developing practical coping skills.


The Healing Center has a vision that one day, everyone will be able to move through their grief in a healing way. Together, with our partner and neighbors across the Greater Seattle area, we're building a community where grief is honored and individuals can heal in their own way. Creating a space to grieve-together with others experiencing similar loss-helps to ensure children and adults have an opportunity to express how they feel, strengthening the odds that these grieving family members are able to move through a healthy bereavement and into a productive life following loss.

In King County, approximately 13,000 people die every year (Department of Health, 2019); leaving behind a number of family and friends who soon find themselves facing the challenges of grief. The Healing Center believes that everyone should have access to the greatest quality of life, even in grief. Your support provides for a myriad of groups tailored to individuals of different age groups and in different stages of grief. Participants are able to attend our groups as long as they need, free of charge.

"For many weeks and even months, group was the only thing that kept me going." Amanda

"I didn’t know what to do. To be honest, I was scared. I was afraid of this unknown world, of parenting by myself. What do I do with all this grief? But I really wanted to be there for my daughters, so I knew that I needed to go through this grieving process in a healthy way. I owe a great deal to The Healing Center, my lifeboat in a stormy time." 

"I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if it wasn’t for The Healing Center. The people I met there helped turn the hardest moments of my life into opportunities for learning and growth. The Healing Center is nothing short of a blessing." 

With your support, we can continue to meet our clients' and communities' needs throughout 2023 and beyond.  As a donor-funded organization, it is your support that ensures we are there for families on their darkest days.

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