Schools for Salone

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Schools for Salone partners with Sierra Leoneans to construct schools in rural communities and to improve educational opportunities for vulnerable children in Sierra Leone. Because we believe self-initiated solutions are most effective, Schools for Salone works through local partnerships to help equip communities in Sierra Leone to build schools, create healthy learning environments, and support students and teachers. We work to revitalize communities, empower children, and ultimately improve socioeconomic conditions for families, communities, and future generations.

Since 2005, Schools for Salone has helped build 36 schools, 6 additional 2-classroom buildings, and 3 libraries, all with rainwater collection handwashing stations and private-stall toilets. We also provide education quality support to the schools in our partner communities, including literacy training, teacher certification scholarships, and teaching and learning materials. We are providing scholarships to 80 students to help them stay in school rather than drop out to help support their families. Because girls are most vulnerable and at the highest risk of dropping out, we also have a girls program which includes reusable menstruation and reproductive health education so girls can stay in school and achieve their dreams.

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