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Save Our Wild Salmon (SOS) unites conservationists, fishing people, and clean energy and orca advocates to restore abundant salmon and steelhead populations in the Columbia/Snake rivers for the benefit of people, wildlife and ecosystems.

We advocate for policies that protect, restore and reconnect the healthy rivers that salmon and steelhead need to survive and thrive. We're leading one of our nation's great river/salmon restoration opportunities today - to restore the lower Snake River by removing its four federal dams and recover abundance to its critically endangered fish populations.


I.  ABOUT SAVE OUR WILD SALMON: The Save Our wild Salmon Coalition (SOS) was founded in 1991 to protect and restore abundant wild salmon and steelhead populations to Northwest rivers and marine waters for the benefit of people and ecosystems. SOS unites conservation groups, clean energy and orca advocates, fishing people and businesses; we focus on protecting and restoring the healthy, resilient, connected rivers and streams in the Columbia-Snake Basin that wild salmon and steelhead need to survive and recover.

II.  URGENCY AND OPPORTUNITY IN 2022: Today SOS is helping lead an historic campaign to restore a free flowing lower Snake River in the Columbia Basin by removing its four costly federal dams. This is one of our nation's great river and salmon restoration opportunities today.

Removing these dams will restore 140 miles of mainstem river in southeast Washington State and more than 14,000 acres of excellent riparian and bottomlands habitat. It will also reconnect endangered wild salmon and steelhead with more than 5,500 miles of protected, pristine rivers and stream habitat upstream in central Idaho, northeast Idaho and southeast Washington State.

Scientists have determined that restoring the lower Snake River and healthy, abundant chinook salmon populations are critical for the survival and recovery of Southern Resident orcas facing extinction. Just 73 whales remain today; the primary cause for their decline is lack of sufficient prey - Chinook salmon.

SOS leads its coalition member organizations, strategic allies and citizen supporters in coordinated legal, policy, communications and community organizing activities that are steadily building the public demand and political leadership needed to restore this historic river and salmon abundance while investing in communities and economies.

Your generous support today will help us seize a critical moment of opportunity in 2022 will help us advance our efforts to educate and mobilize citizens, collaborate with Northwest stakeholders and sovereigns, and to contact and engage policymakers to develop and support effective, durable solutions to recover imperiled salmon, endangered orca and ensure vibrant and prosperous communities.

III.  RECENT DEVELOPMENTS & EMERGENT LEADERSHIP: In the face of looming extinctions, decades of litigation, escalating costs and calls for justice, Washington State Sen. Patty Murray and Gov. Jay Inslee - and the Biden Administration - made significant commitments in 2021 to develop and begin to implement a comprehensive long-term solution to protect and recover Snake River salmon and invest in affected communities – by July 31, 2022.
This emerging leadership has opened a long-sought window of opportunity that can deliver tremendous benefits to the lands and waters, fish and wildlife, and peoples and communities of the Northwest and nation. Our region’s residents have a critical role to play to support this momentum and leadership to develop and a comprehensive solution in 2022/2023 for endangered salmon and communities that includes lower Snake River dam removal.
In order to seize this unprecedented restoration opportunity, SOS has recently expanded its team and developed an ambitious program agenda to educate and engage people, elevate issue and campaign visibility; mobilize its supporters, key constituencies, “grasstop” influencers and the public. Working together, SOS and allies – NGOs, businesses, community and elected leaders and citizens – are supporting the leadership of Northwest Tribes and working to demonstrate overwhelming public support to elected leaders and key decisionmakers. Our program work will ensure policymakers follow through on their commitments to protect Snake River salmon from extinction – this requires dam removal - and invest in communities in a manner that brings everyone forward together.

Thank you. Please contact us with questions and to get more involved: //

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