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The mission of the Buffalo Soldiers Museum is to educate, preserve, and present the history and outstanding contributions of Americas' Buffalo Soldiers from 1866-1944

• We envision the museum will be a place where American history, and culture exchange is a link to a better community
•We envision being an educational support to the school system in the education of US History and inspiration to the youth
•We envision being a community partner in military celebration


Since its founding, Buffalo Soldiers Museum has served as a community resource encompassing a significant - and all too often overlooked - facet of American history. The mission of Buffalo Soldiers Museum is to educate, preserve and present the history and outstanding contributions of America's Buffalo Soldiers from 1866-1944, including World War II. This includes significant history in Washington State. Fort Vancouver, Vancouver, Washington, Fort Lawton, Seattle, Washington.

The Buffalo Soldiers Museum is a place to make history real and impactful for our children in the community and the State of Washington. This builds leaders, inspires heroic qualities and helps us all learn from our history as citizens, friends and community members. Kids need places where history feels real. There is nothing that can replace the experiential - seeing real artifacts, entering in to the stories that are part of their own community story, gaining wisdom and perspective for our community and those we love.

In 2011, the Buffalo Soldiers Museum in opened its doors as a haven for students and members of the community to learn about a piece of America and Washington State history. The 9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers Museum, this nonprofit group educates the public through its vast collection of military artifacts, books, articles and DVDs from this time period in military history.


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