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RVC envisions a world in which people of color have the power to fulfill the dreams of our communities. We promote social justice and equity by cultivating and strengthening community-based leaders and organizations and fostering collaboration between diverse communities.


RVC strengthens the power of communities of color in order to create a more equitable society through supporting our community-based organizations in capacity-building, leadership development, and operations support. These members and organizations provide direct support services tailored to the strengths and needs of the communities they serve.

Capacity Building

RVC works with our partners to identify strategies, goals, priorities, and key elements of their organization. We then provide services that help our partners build systems or infrastructure that allow their organizations to better carry out their mission in sustainable and equitable ways, which can come in forms of strategic planning, fundraising planning, and organizational development. 

Operations Support

Nonprofits need space to grow without being consumed by the administrative details that can distract from their mission. RVC offers partners Model A fiscal sponsorship. We manage several grassroots organizations’ back-end operations including accounting, contracting, human resources, legal, compliance, and payroll. 


RVC organizes paid Community Impact fellowships for leaders of color who learn and work for two years in nonprofit community organizations committed to equity. Fellows receive leadership training, coaching, mentorship, and work in meaningful roles that strengthen the organization and advance their careers. Over 78% of alumni are hired by their employer or stay working in the nonprofit sector.

Some highlights from this past year include:

✨ 4th Cohort of Community Impact Fellows!

✨ 11 BIPOC Community Impact Host Organizations

✨ 18 BIPOC organizational partners receiving operational and capacity-building support

✨ 190+ staffers at BIPOC grassroots organizations supported by our Operations Team 

✨ Successful transition to a shared leadership model with 4 co-Executive Directors!

✨ 5 new staff to sustain and tend to RVC’s mission, several who are Fellowship alums we were ecstatic to have onboard!

Thought Leadership

RVC is a thought leader and disruptor to the nonprofit sector, modeling a better way. Small nonprofits struggle to attract funding until they are larger and proven, and often they must go through lengthy hoops to receive funding. We challenge the sector to rethink its practices—from who it funds and how, to using leadership models that share power equitably. 

We also apply these principles in our own operations, from distributed power and decision-making, to cultivating a culture of feedback, and we share our learnings through our Changemakers blog.


We are deeply grateful for having the privilege to serve and work alongside our partner organizations and for all the vital work they do in our communities. Please visit our website and take some time to get to know these organizations and give them a very well-deserved shout-out for their work.

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