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Who we are:

Fosterful, a nonprofit organization, is a community of qualified volunteers partnering with Social Workers and Foster Caregivers to provide a nurturing environment and a caring companion to children experiencing foster care.

Our volunteers keep children occupied and safe, acting as caring companions and sidekicks when it's needed most, through quality child care - both in the foster home and in the child welfare office. 

We give Caregivers (both Foster and Kinship) and Social Workers the space, support, and peace of mind to take care of important responsibilities and take a breath.

We fill little bellies, bring tissues where there are tears, and put stuffies in the arms of kiddos facing the hardships that come with experiencing the foster care system.

What we do:

Our services span a range of support measures aimed at creating a comprehensive and holistic approach to improving the lives of Caregivers and children within the foster care system. We believe in a proactive approach to care that begins the moment a child is brought into protective custody and remains a constant until the end of their journey with foster care. Embracing change as a guiding principle, we harness technology and adopt the latest trauma research to develop creative and collaborative programming for the foster care community in Washington.

On-Call Companions Program: Our Caring Companions Program is a community of qualified volunteers partnering with Social Workers to provide a nurturing environment and a caring companion at DCYF offices throughout the state. Fosterful mobilizes community volunteers to be onsite at child welfare offices to comfort and care for children who have just been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect, or are experiencing a placement disruption and are waiting to be placed in a suitable foster care situation. Our volunteers rock babies, change diapers, play games, and are a listening ear for children amidst extreme uncertainty.

Sidekicks Program: In June of 2023, Fosterful began offering in-home Case Aides (Sidekicks) to Caregivers and children experiencing foster care in Clark County as a pilot program in contract with DCYF. We affectionately call this program “Sidekicks” because every hero needs a sidekick, and children in foster care (who have endured so much) are the real heroes. This program provides community volunteers and paid staff who walk alongside Caregivers (both Foster and Kinship) to help promote stability for the placement. With a trauma-informed lens and a culturally relevant approach, Sidekicks volunteers and staff provide tangible help and stability to limit placement disruptions and aim to alter the destructive pattern of mental health crises caused by the foster care system. 

Tangible Resources: We believe the success of a placement is contingent upon having all tangible needs met, and then some. Our primary goal is to ensure that children have the basic necessities needed to thrive, such as new clothing, sturdy shoes, hygiene items, developmentally appropriate toys, and books, as well as luggage to carry these items. In addition, we host several giveaways throughout the year (Halloween costumes, winter coats, and Holiday gifts) aimed at removing the mental and financial load of Caregivers. We also hold space in our office for what we call the Confetti Corner. This mini toy store is available for Caregivers and Social Workers to pick from at any time of the year to celebrate a child’s birthday, reunification, new placement, trial return to home, or simply if they’re having a tough day. 

Why we think this work is so crucial:

Children navigating the foster care system often find themselves in a state of limbo, whether they're awaiting placement in a long-term home or being moved from one caregiver to another. This period of uncertainty can be incredibly daunting for them, perhaps one of the most unsettling times they'll ever face. However, having a caring adult, a nurturing environment, and basic necessities during this journey can provide much-needed comfort and support, helping to mitigate the trauma these children endure. Our volunteers play a crucial role in alleviating the burden on Social Workers and Caregivers by tending to the immediate needs of the children and making a tangible difference in the foster care community.

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