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Empowering people to practice poetry & deepen connections to place, self & the present moment.

Nelson helps all (workshop) attendees explore the possibilities of language, especially the long poem as an embodiment of instruction in one's own life. How wonderful it is to be a part of this.

- Susan Kay Anderson, Fall 2020 Poetics as Cosmology participant

Goal 400 supporters at $100 per year. 4 poetry heroes at $10,000 per year. One God/Goddess at $40,000 per year.


Key projects: Poetry Postcard Fest -

The Poetry Postcard Fest held annually since 2007 allows participants from around the world to compose poems on postcards spontaneously & send them to strangers. A 56 day exercise in spontaneous poetry composition and community. 

Workshops like:

See testimonials:

The Cascadia Poetry Festival is being planned to serve as a series of launch events for the anthology of poetry & prose entitled Cascadian Zen.

Ongoing interviews in the spirit of the book we published in 2018: American Prophets. See

"He is as fine an interviewer of poets as anyone working today, coming to each interview thoroughly informed but retaining great flexibility, letting the various threads intertwine. These interviews, combined with lengthy scholarship, have produced a number of remarkable essays and, ultimately, his manuscript American Prophets." - Sam Hamill

The non-profit organization known as Cascadia Poetics LAB (formerly SPLAB) was founded in 1993 and in 2009 moved to Seattle and the literary arts aspect of our programming, which started in 1996, became the main focus. In 28 years we have facilitated visits by Michael McClure, Diane di Prima, Joanne Kyger, Anne Waldman, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Nate Mackey, Brenda Hillman, George Bowering, Daphne Marlatt, George Stanley, Jerome Rothenberg, Eileen Myles, Wanda Coleman, Ed Sanders, Adrian Castro and many more. We have presented interviews by Allen Ginsberg, the poets mentioned above & authors like Jean Houston, Rupert Sheldrake, Riane Eisler & many others, with over 800 interviews having been conducted since 1993. In 2018, we donated our audio interview archives to the White River Valley Museum but retain intellectual property. This partnership allows for better maintenance of the collection of historic radio interviews from 1990-2004 and open up greater possibilities for preservation, digitization and transcription of key interviews. See:

We are conducting a 20 year Bioregional Cultural Investigation, which began in 2012 and has seen the staging of five iterations of the Cascadia Poetry Festival, the next of which is being planned for Fall 2022. Of the 2019 festival, Stephen Collis said:

"The Cascadia Poetry Festival is absolutely unique, offering both attention to local conditions (both social and geograpical/ecological), and to general matters of aesthetics (what poetry is up to right now-what matters to poets, and how are they responding to what matters). I know of few communities like this in the world - the other I am familiar with is in the UK: open, focused, exploratory, welcoming, democratic and engaged to its very core. The Cascadia Poetry Festival is a vital necessity."

Of the 2017 fest, Tod Marshall, the Washington State Poet Laureate said:

"I've been to many poetry festivals over the years, and the Cascadia Festival is one of the best at combining literary energy with explorations of environmental, political, historical, and sociological pursuits with a general celebration of poetry. The invited poets offered a wonderful representation of the diversity of our bioregion-as did the poetics of the works shared. There were youth events, Veteran events, "living room readings" (that featured festival poets and anyone from the community could share work in). The WA historical piece embodied by the celebration of Richard Brautigan, the consistent return to thinking about poetry and the environment, the involvement of young poets, older poets: I cannot articulate how generous and egalitarian and stimulating the festival is. Truly, The Cascadia Poetry festival is a great thing for Humanities WA and Arts WA to be a sponsor."

We created the 1st bioregional poetry anthology: Make It True: Poetry From Cascadia; twice staged a MOOC (w/ Cascadia College) on Innovative Cascadia Poetry and have created, or helped create two retreats:


Gratitude to the Board: Matt Tease, Cate Gable, Adelia MacWilliam, Jason Wirth, Matthew Behrend & Diana Elser, to Kim Miller, SICA-USA, 4Culture, ArtsWa, Poets & Writers, LARFP poets & Poetry Postcard Fest participants. Thanks Joe Chiveney, Buffy Sedlachek, Jared Leising, Larry Lawrence, Amalio Madueño, Buffy Sedlachek, 501 Commons, Meredith Nelson and Bhakti Watts. We seek $12,000 for a huge 2022 marketing pus

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