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4 Tomorrow is a Latino and Youth focused organization based in Bellevue that serves East King County. Our mission is to ensure our communities overall well-being by providing culturally sensitive support and coordination.


To provide assistance and resources that help our community members navigate systems, overcome barriers & build self-sufficiency.


4 Tomorrow envisions a vibrant and safe community where:

-Individuals have access to tools & support in order to achieve long and short-term goals

-Individuals have access to quality and culturally sensitive healthcare and mental health

-Youth and Latinx communities can organize to amplify their collective voice to build a better tomorrow


4 Tomorrow has supported hundreds of Latino families & adults in East King County with housing stability & family support services, aiding in immigration & mental health systems navigation, & providing direct economic recovery assistance regardless of immigration or documentation status. Some of our services include: 

Mental Health Coordination 
4 Tomorrow works to connect our community members in crisis to mental health providers. The Latino community experiences alarming disparities in both access to mental healthcare and quality of care. One of the biggest challenges the community faces is finding a provider who speaks their language and is able to administer culturally sensitive care. Many of our highest need clients have been waiting 6 months to get a financial application appointment from the referred provider. For this reason 4 Tomorrow is expanding our services from coordination into direct service. Our Gap Therapy program provides free culturally sensitive therapy to the Hispanic & Latinx community. 

Life Services Program 
4 Tomorrow’s Life Services Program is a comprehensive family and individual support program focused on helping Latino and Spanish speaking East King County residents create goals related to housing stability, immigration applications, mental health treatment, educational attainment etc. Our Life Services coaches meet families and individuals where they are at to assess their immediate needs while helping them set short and long term goals to achieve their vision of success. 

Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance 
We have served more than 1,400 Latino residents across King County in a culturally responsive manner, paying up to 9 months rental arrears and 3 months future rent payments. This work is a real solution to prevent Latino families from experiencing homelessness. 

The Anti-Racism Project 
The project began when 4 Tomorrow was contracted by King County to provide an assessment of our community’s feedback on the proposed actions to address Racism as a Public Health Crisis. We hosted community conversations called “Raise Your Voice” or “Usa tu Voz” to speak about how to address racism within our communities and mobilize an Anti-Racist effort in East King County through our connection to the Latino community. In 2021, we joined the Eastside Coalition Against Hate and Bias to gather our community’s experiences of racism, hate, and bias and reported their stories anonymously to King County. In addition, we work to actively engage youth to advocate against systemic racism in schools and communities through projects and events like BOOM (the Bellevue School District Equity conference for students of color). 

Vaccine Education and Equity 
Through a partnership with the King County Promoters Network, we hosted virtual education sessions 2 times a month to educate and inform our Spanish speaking community on the latest news, myth debunking, coordination of COVID related care, and providing vital resources for their overall well-being. 


Donations from individuals like yourself enable us to be dynamic and responsive in the way we address the needs of our community. Individual donations give us the resources we need to develop and test innovative solutions to complex problems. Your contribution also allows us to provide support to all members of our community who would benefit from our services, regardless of their documentation or immigration status.  

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