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Turning Supporters into Superstars: Equipping Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers for Fundraising Success

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a powerful tool for nonprofits to engage their supporters and raise funds for their causes. But turning supporters into fundraisers can be like herding cats and dogs. How do you effectively equip and empower your peer-to-peer fundraisers to achieve fundraising success? Join us to learn best practices for equipping your peer-to-peer fundraisers with the tools, resources, and motivation they need to become effective advocates and fundraisers for your organization.

45 min

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Rising Above the Churn: Winning Strategies for Donor Retention in the Nonprofit World

Did you know that donor retention is the not-so-hidden secret to maintaining fundraising success? Building strong relationships with donors and keeping them engaged is essential for sustainable fundraising growth. Join us for a 30-minute webinar where we will dive deep into 5 strategies and tactics nonprofits can utilize to increase donor loyalty, reduce donor churn, and cultivate a strong donor base.

33 min

Case Study: How to Make Event Fundraising Easy

It can be overwhelming to consider building a fundraising event from the ground up. So Don't! Join us as the founder of the nonprofit GO Endurance shares how he created a successful fundraiser around a community triathlon event. Learn how to bypass the logistics of creating an event and jump right into the business of fundraising. Someone else is already doing the heavy lifting. All you need to do is fundraise!

70 min

How to Build a Sustainable Fundraising Strategy

In the nonprofit world, nothing is certain except for death, taxes, and fundraising. There are 3 components to building a sustainable fundraising strategy for any organization. In this 30-minute webinar learn what they are and how to implement them to make fundraising your greatest strength instead of your biggest hurdle.

63 min

Create an Online Giving Event Calendar to Raise More in 2023

Need an excuse to fundraise more in 2023? Use public holidays, national cause days, and awareness months as an excuse to connect with donors and inspire generosity year-round. Then use Mighycause's peer-to-peer, event, and team fundraising tools to make your fundraising goals a reality.

51 min

Thanking Your #Giving Tuesday Donors

On a key day like GivingTuesday, it's important to go in with a gratitude game plan! Learn how to acknowledge your donors properly, set the stage for future donations, and hopefully build meaningful, lasting relationships with your #GivingTuesday donors

60 min

Last-Minute Tips for #GivingTuesday

If you've been busy and putting off planning your campaign, don't worry -- we've got your back. This webinar will provide you with some last-minute #GivingTuesday tips and teach you how to quickly pull together a great campaign, get some quick wins under your belt, and raise lots of money for your nonprofit on November 29th!

60 min

Social Media for #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday is an event built by and for social media. But being seen on social media and reaching your supporters' feeds gets harder each year. In this webinar, we'll teach you the social media basics so that you can make the most of #GivingTuesday! We will walk you through how to create a social media plan, what kinds of content works (and how to create it), and tactics to ensure your posts are seen.

60 min

Matching Grants for #GivingTuesday

Did you know that matching grants are a guaranteed way to boost your #GivingTuesday?! In this webinar, we will be breaking down what matching grants are, how to secure one, and how you can use them to engage donors, engage sponsors, and take your #GivingTuesday campaign to the next level!

50 min

How to Tell Your Nonprofit Story for #GivingTuesday

Good storytelling is key to great fundraising. Your nonprofit does amazing work, but your supporters don't know all the details of what you do. In this webinar, we’ll be sharing how to craft a compelling story for #GivingTuesday that encourages donors to give, share and get involved with your cause.

53 min

Advanced Fundraising: A Success Story

The Mightycause Advanced fundraising plan is a full suite of professional fundraising tools from a customizable donation form, text-to-give tools, supporters CRM, built-in integrations and much more. Learn more about how one fellow nonprofit used these features to amplify their fundraising efforts and engage their donors.

30 min