Nonprofit fundraising software on Mightycause

Mightycause’s nonprofit fundraising software has all the tools and features you need to raise funds, engage donors at every stage, and build support for your mighty cause, all on one platform.

All-in-one nonprofit fundraising software that checks all your boxes.


  • Peer-to-peer fundraising pages
  • Team fundraising
  • Event fundraising
  • Text-to-Give donation service
  • Customizable donation forms
  • Organization Profile page for year-round giving
  • Recurring donation collection and management
  • Matching grant creation
  • Donation widgets for your website

Donor engagement:

  • CRM system for donor relationship management
  • Contact importing, tagging, and lists
  • Donor messaging, surveys, and data collection
  • Nonprofit volunteer opportunities
  • Real-time donation reports and retention metrics
  • Zapier, Mailchimp, and Salesforce integrations for cross-platform automation
  • Offline donation management
  • Domain masking options and branded receipts
  • Fully branded fundraising experience

The essentials of fundraising with advanced technology.

The features detailed below are thoughtfully priced and packaged to meet the fundraising needs of all kinds of nonprofits and their initiatives.



Read on to discover each feature for yourself.

CRM system for donor relationships.

CRM system for donor relationships

Cultivate lasting relationships with donors and take things to the next level with our CRM system. Robust but easy for people of all skill levels to use, Mightycause’s CRM system allows you to track and manage donors from their first donation all the way through the donor relationship. View and track donors in the Supporters table, message donors to check in, add notes and tags for easy segmentation, and manage your donors, all in one place.

Software for fundraising data management.

Collect and view donation data, create donor surveys and reports, and track donor retention with our enhanced donor management tools.

Store invaluable supporter details from donor surveys and data collection

Measure supporter health with year-over-year retention reports

Easy automation with Zapier integrations for Salesforce, Slack, and Mailchimp

Already using another piece of software? No problem. Connect Mightycause to Salesforce, Slack, MailChimp, and thousands of apps through Zapier to get the tools you use every day talking to each other and eliminate the need to manually export and upload data from one app to another.

Fundraising campaign creation and management.

Peer-to-peer fundraisers

The most hands-on way for supporters to get involved is with peer-to-peer fundraising software. Fundraiser creators make their own pages in support of your nonprofit, or use a fundraiser template designed by you, to raise awareness and funds for your cause. Contributions move securely from fundraiser pages to your nonprofit's bank account.

Peer-to-peer fundraisers
Fundraising with Teams

Fundraising with Teams

Team fundraising software allows groups of supporters to work together to raise funds with an added element of competitive generosity, and are unlimited with an advanced subscription. Easily create and manage teams of peer-to-peer fundraisers to bring people together and raise more for your cause.

Run a fundraising Event

Use an event website to inspire your community to give back, in one place, at one time. Peer-to-peer and team fundraising software combine to create a standalone fundraising party that's like lightning in a bottle. We pair this branded giving campaign with our management dashboard to track registration, ticketing, donation metrics, and event participants. With unlimited event fundraising, your nonprofit can orchestrate as many complex, large-scale fundraising events as you can dream up.

Fundraising with Teams

Use your organization profile page as a year-round fundraising portal.

Every nonprofit on Mightycause gets their own profile. A simple fundraising solution where you can showcase peer-to-peer campaigns and giving initiatives, post volunteer opportunities, enable donations, and collect both one-time and monthly recurring contributions.

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Fundraising solutions

Fundraising solutions for your own website.

Embed an array of widgets, buttons, forms, and pages to turn your website into a destination for fundraising.

Adjustable donation collection interfaces are tracked and managed on Mightycause, and displayed anywhere you can place code.

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Features to make fundraising more engaging.

Use enhanced engagement tools to stoke the fire of generosity across the platform and to all areas of your nonprofit on and off Mightycause.

Perfect for busy events, Text-to-Give makes donating to your cause as easy as sending a text message.

Add urgency and excitement to your fundraising campaign with real-time and flexible matching grants.

Match manager

Features to expand your brand.

Customizable, branded donation receipts sent automatically ensure your donors are acknowledged professionally.

Unlimited peer-to-peer fundraisers expand your donor base, engage supporters, and boost your fundraising.

Customizable branded donation forms

Your nonprofit's brand crowns a clean donation flow that sends the donor through manageable data collection surveys and customized donation levels that reinforce their contribution's impact. It's an experience crafted by you for your donors, to collect the information you need to keep growing as a nonprofit.

Advance your fundraising efforts today.

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