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Whether we’re talking about after-school programs, scholarship opportunities, or experiences intended to help kids grow into adults, click below to find local nonprofits with a youth development-focused mission.

By giving them a gift, you’re planting the seeds for a better and brighter future for everyone!

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You're sure to find an organization to support when you peruse through the 1,500 nonprofits featured on Washington Gives. You can filter by mission, geographic location, and communities served.

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Rally your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to support a cause that's important to you. Start a fundraising page and promote it through social media, email, and word-of-mouth!

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Your business can support our community by offering a matching grant or encouraging your employees to give. You have the power to transform our communities, so become a Business Champion today.

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Thank you to everyone who donated during GiveBIG!

Didn't it feel great to give? 22,714 donors gave to 1,409 nonprofit organizations that are serving our communities, families, and ecosystems in Washington State. All in all, we raised $12.8 million thanks to our donors, corporate partners, and sponsors. Keep the generosity going by continuing to donate to causes you care about through Washington Gives.

Next year's GiveBIG will be May 7-8, 2024.

About Washington Gives

Washington Gives is a year-round online giving platform that features more than 1,500 nonprofit organizations across Washington State. Donors everywhere can give to organizations that serve causes they’re passionate about, discover new organizations to support, and mobilize their friends, family, and colleagues to also give.

Each year, we host two major fundraising campaigns: GivingTuesday (November 28, 2023) and GiveBIG. Washington Gives is a program of 501 Commons, a nonprofit that provides expertise, back-office support, and resources for nonprofits in the PNW and beyond.

Washington Gives makes it easy for you to donate to nonprofits year-round and during our giving days events, GiveBIG and Giving Tuesday. 1,409 nonprofits raised $12.8 million during GiveBIG 2023 thanks to the generosity of 22,000+ donors.

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